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are general contractors, usually licensed, who build or renovate homes. They typically have offices, but not showrooms.

Cabinet Shops
build custom cabinets and furniture in relatively small workshops. Larger shops should be in the Manufacturers/Suppliers segment.

sell kitchen and bath components, such as cabinets, countertops, tile, appliances and fixtures to consumers from storefronts or showrooms.

Decorative Plumbing and Hardware
members sell kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures or cabinet hardware in showrooms or storefronts.

use computers or drafting tables to design kitchens and bathrooms. A designer may work for a company or be self-employed.

act as conduits for products between manufacturers and retailers or customers. A Distributor may or may not have a showroom.

manufacture surfacing materials, including natural stone, concrete, solid surfaces and stainless steel in large workshops or factories.

frame, drywall and install cabinets, flooring and appliances in kitchens or baths. They may be self-employed or employees of firms.

create, assemble, finish or import kitchen or bath products, including software, in large manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturers’ Representatives
sell product lines from one or more manufacturers. They may be independent salespeople or employees of firms.

Multi-Branch Retailers/Home Centers
are businesses with multiple retail locations that sell kitchen or bath components with a wide range of products.