The MN State Chapter of the NKBA Membership Committee has three main responsibilities. They are to recruit, retain and recover members. Recruiting entails finding people within the industry who would benefit from membership to the NKBA and also people who are interested on their own and informing them of the benefits of the NKBA and helping them with the registration process. Twice a year we offer a program “Get Connected” for new members and those interested in joining the NKBA.

Retaining involves customer service work. We help members with any issues they might have, make sure all communication information such as mailing addresses and email addresses are current so we can maintain communication

Recovering means contacting former members to determine their reasons for leaving and helping them to see the many other benefits the NKBA has to offer.

The MN NKBA Membership Committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 12:00 at Roth Distributing. Please feel free to attend any of our meetings or become a member and help us with our work. Contact the current Vice President of Membership for more information.