The NKBA CEU Program requires that each active, certified member submit at least 1.2 credit (which equates to 12 hours) of education by June 30, 2016.

Professional Development Courses from NKBA National

NKBA Professional Development courses are available to all segments of the industry, as well as to all levels of experience.  There are several web-based seminars and online courses available.  Please click here to view the upcoming schedule.  Many Convenience Learning (online) courses began on August 1, 2009

CEU’s are only for members that have a Certification.  In order to keep your Certification you need CEU’s.If you are looking for NKBA Hours in order to meet the qualifications to become Certified, you need to take NKBA Courses that are approved for NKBA Hours.


Submit and View Your CEUs Online Anytime at NKBA.org/CEU

Certified members, don’t forget to submit your CEUs online at NKBA.org/CEU. Visit the link below to record your CEUs.

Be sure to also log in as a member at NKBA.org and click the “Show Details” tab in the top right-hand sidebar to see how many CEUs you have at any given time. If your CEUs appear incorrectly, please call NKBA Customer Service at 1-800-THE-NKBA (843-6522).

Please email Tammy Johnson at tjohnson@abc-clc.com with any questions.