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The Mission of the National Kitchen & Bath Association is to enhance member success and excellence, promote professionalism and ethical business practices and provide leadership and direction for the kitchen and bath industry worldwide.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is the premiere association for kitchen and bath professionals.  More than 45 years after its inception, the Association now has a membership of over 40,000 members.

The Association began in 1963 as the American Institute of Kitchen Dealers (AIKD). The initial treasury balance of $463 was contributed by 14 individuals one night in April of that year. This initial funding amount has led to an association that has become the kitchen and bath industry knowledge resource for both professionals and consumers. To further serve the industry, concentration was expanded from kitchen dealers to today’s total of 11 industry segments. Along with that expansion, some other significant changes have taken place.
The AIKD not only represented kitchen dealers, but it also represented some of the industry segments that are still very much a part of today’s NKBA, such as wholesale distributors and designers. For those pursuing design, the first Certified Kitchen Designer (Robert Weiland) received his certification in 1968. Education was further expanded as well as interests, with many members also dealing in bathroom design.

One year following the creation of the AIKD, the AIKD Kitchen Show was held in Philadelphia and the first AIKD design contest was also introduced.

In 1981, the AIKD Kitchen Show changed its name to The Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference (K/BIS). The show, initially a very small gathering, had since grown to the largest professional kitchen and bath industry show in the world. From its beginnings in small convention centers, only four venues in the United States can house the show due to its impressive size today.

In 1982, the Association changed its name from AIKD to the NKBA to address the interests of the growing bathroom industry.

About the MN Chapter:

The MN Chapter has over 1,000 members and member employees.  Our membership includes all of the Twin Cities metro area as well as greater Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.